Gentoo Infrastructure Status

This data is aggregated from our automated service monitoring system as well as the outage and maintenance notices posted below.

Service Availability Overview

Maintenance and Outage Notices

As announced, we are migrating the version control system of our main package repository.

This can affect the availability of various services during and shortly after the migration. We will update this notice with any extended outages.

Update (2015-08-10)

rsync mirrors now feed from the Git repository. rsync mirrors are busier than usual, syncing might require multiple attempts. Manifest files are synced every time, this is not on purpose and will be resolved later today.

Update (2015-08-11)

Syncing issues are still being worked on.

Some services depending on the package repository are also still pending to be adapted (, snapshots).

Update (2015-08-19)

Snapshots are properly created again, ChangeLogs (current as of the migration time) are restored. We're still working on updating the ChangeLogs, not having Manifests resynced every time, as well as

Update (2015-09-02)

Most services operate as intended again. is mostly up to date, but still lacking Changelogs.

As of 2014/06/13, the host that mirrorstats lived on died. We have no short-term replacement for it.