Gentoo Infrastructure Status

This data is aggregated from our automated service monitoring system as well as the outage and maintenance notices posted below.

Service Availability Overview

Maintenance and Outage Notices

Infrastructure is performing major Perl version upgrades (5.20->5.22), and requires some downtime to rebuild Perl modules on a few systems with heavy Perl usage.

Please check back on infra-status to see updates for exact scheduling of each affected service, but all services should be completed not later than 2017-02-28.

Update (2017-02-11)

The updates to are now complete.

Update (2017-02-18)

Date range extended to 2017-02-28.

  • The updates to dev gentoo email (woodpecker) are now complete.
  • The updates on the Bugzilla systems are now complete as of 14:35 UTC.