Gentoo Infrastructure Status

This data is aggregated from our automated service monitoring system as well as the outage and maintenance notices posted below.

Service Availability Overview

Maintenance and Outage Notices

The CVS and Git Overlays services have been successfully migrated to the new hosts.

Please note the following:

  • Gitweb as well as the and http://anon{cvs,git} web sites are currently not available pending restructuring of our read-only access setup.
  • The SSH keys for the machine have changed:
    • DSA: 5f:c3:fe:9a:ac:a7:99:f4:d3:c1:93:4c:52:87:74:28
    • RSA: 24:3b:2d:3b:47:ca:7e:62:48:97:49:6a:f5:ad:66:88
    • ECDSA: aa:6a:e4:74:1d:73:d2:5a:9f:45:9f:18:55:81:c9:9a
    • ED25519: 1c:2e:99:7d:c7:f0:bc:3b:a9:fb:d0:3e:2c:2a:79:ba

Update (2014-09-19):

At this point there's still no ETA to resume the gitweb and http access. We're waiting on systems from a new sponsor to host these services.

As of 2014/06/13, the host that mirrorstats lived on died. We have no short-term replacement for it.

As of 2012/07/30, the Mailing List archives have been broken. MHonarc has some breakage.

This issue is tracked in bug #424647.