overlays.gentoo.org is down

As of 2014/01/10, the overlays.gentoo.org machine is down. The machine provider has been contacted and we are awaiting remote hands to assess the state of the machine. We expect an update from our provider on Monday, 2014/01/13.

Update 2014/01/13

Our provider got back to us. They are currently doing some datacenter restructuring. We hope to get an update on the overlays machine by tomorrow (2014/01/14).

Update 2014/01/14

As the first measures taken by our provider didn't help, a datacenter technician will be dispatched tomorrow morning, (2014/01/15, UTC). We expect a full diagnosis by then. A replacement machine is ready to host the service in case of an extended hardware failure on the current host.

We apologize for the extended downtime. The issue occuring during a weekend was especially detrimental to its resolution. To avoid outages with this service in the future, we are looking into redundant hosting.

Update 2014/01/15

A mainboard failure was identified as the cause of the outage. As our bad luck continues, we found out the machine still had PATA drives which we will only be able to access tomorrow (2014/01/16).

A replacement machine is still ready to host the data as soon as it is available. Should further obstacles emerge tomorrow that hinder the service restoration, we will bring back the service using a backup taken a few hours prior to the outage.

Update 2014/01/16

The service has been restored. See our separate notice.