overlays.gentoo.org Service restored

Update 3: The service has been restored.

The following repositories could not be recovered:

  • dev/anarchy.git
  • dev/dberkholz.git
  • dev/dev-zero.git
  • dev/dilfridge.git
  • dev/fordfrog.git
  • dev/graaff.git
  • dev/maekke.git
  • dev/mschiff.git
  • dev/quantumsummers.git
  • dev/zorry.git

Owners are asked to push again, the repositories have been emptied.

Update 2: While all SVN repositories have been successfully restored, there are still multiple Git repositories displaying failures. Until we can rule out further data loss, write access will not be restored. We advise users not to clone repositories to avoid receiving corrupted data until further notice.

Update: A few of the git repositories have had issues, we are currently verifying them. If you encounter issues such as missing data, or an inability to write to your git repo, it is likely due to this cleanup work we are performing. We will post an update when the maintenance has concluded.

The overlays.gentoo.org service has been restored after a hardware failure.

In the process, the service had to move to a new machine. The SSH keys have changed to:

  • DSA: d6:71:99:1f:46:c9:42:95:e1:9d:be:8e:f7:76:51:b5
  • RSA: 92:b5:40:16:63:a3:61:9f:d7:63:64:ba:d5:51:41:b9
  • ECDSA: 96:f0:29:e6:d4:85:58:46:31:ba:0e:17:0b:8c:fa:d8

The DNS records have been updated. Should you still have problems reaching the service, flush your DNS cache or manually set overlays.gentoo.org to point at

The old front page as well as the Trac repositories have not been set up again due to low demand. Should you require an SVN browser still, or would like to report anything else, please contact us at infra@gentoo.org.